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Are you thinking about getting an outside nativity set this year? If so you may want to read this guide prior to making your final selection.

An outside nativity set can be a great addition to your Christmas lawn decorations. Unlike many other decorations the nativity set truly holds the real meaning of what Christmas is all about. That’s not to say that other Christmas decorations are important however to remind us why we celebrate Christmas in the first place is a great reminder of the season and why we are thankful this time of year.

Selecting the best outside nativity set can pose an interesting challenge. They are exposed to outside weather conditions such as wind and rain and when not used are typically stored throughout the rest of the year. If storage is tight around your house you may want to consider the size of your outside nativity. If too small you won’t be able to see it, if too large it may be too much trouble to store it.

One of the biggest things to look at when selecting a nativity set for the outdoors is the materials in which the nativity sets are made of. Many if not all outside nativity sets are made from some type of plywood. While various forms of wood are available including special treated plywood however like all wood it can and will rot after a period of time. If you select or even make your own outside nativity set made from plywood it is imperative that you prep, prime and paint the plywood. Insure all of the edges are painter as well especially the bottom edge. Even the best paint job will not keep all of the moisture out of the plywood. For the plywood nativity set to last it should be thoroughly cleaning, scraped and painted every couple of years.

The preferred material to use is a waterproof material made by King Starboard, a leading plastic in the marine industry. At Outdoor Nativity Sets we use a select grade of marine plastic from King Starboard due to the waterproof characteristics of the marine plastic. Our outside nativity sets made from King Starboard plastic will not rot, fade, or require any special maintenance at all. Our nativity figures will last a lifetime and all you have to do is clean the nativity, store it and forget about it. While the cost of the marine grade plastic is slightly higher than plywood the everlasting quality of the material makes it well worth the added investment. The other benefit of the King Starboard plastic is that it will not warp. Your figures will keep their shape year after year. The material is virtually indestructible.

As mentioned before the size of your outside nativity set is important. Obviously the more pieces and the larger the set the more you will have to pay for the nativity set. The minimum pieces you will need for a nativity set includes the barn structure, the manger, baby Jesus and family. Additional pieces might include, angels, wise men, shepard with sheep, calf, donkey, and camel. As you can begin to see a complete set can get rather large and take up a fair amount of your yard. You should also ensure your outside nativity set does not look too “commercial”. Many larger sets tend to have a look and feel of a commercial nativity set. While this is fine for a church or other large structure with a large yard it might not be right for your situation. You should also consider how far from the road or sidewalk you will be installing your outside nativity set. If you want people driving or walking by your home and you have a deep front yard you will need a larger set. If you have a shallow, small front yard select the smaller outside nativity set.

At Outdoor Nativity Sets we have three basic sizes of our most popular outside nativity set.

  •  Our Miniature Nativity Set: This set measures 25” to the top of the star. This set can be placed outside or even inside under your tree, or set on a table or even a window sill. You can also set the miniature nativity set in a landscape under at your front entrance.
  • Our Standard Size Outside Nativity set is a perfect residential size set. This set measures 50” to the top of the star and is our most popular nativity set. This outside nativity will work for most yards, your business or small church.

  • Large Outside Nativity Set Our large set measures 72” to the top of the star. This set is perfect for larger yards, churches or free standing business properties.

Outside Nativity Sets Anchoring

The installation of your outside nativity set and included installation materials are important to the installation of your set. Since the nativity set is installed outdoors it will have to be anchored in order to withstand wind, or snow. Be sure your outside nativity set comes with some sort of anchoring system. Our nativity sets for the outdoors comes complete with stakes for anchoring however during periods of heavy wind or snow additional anchors could be required.

Outside nativity Sets Ease of Installation

Another quality to look for is ease of installation. Many nativity sets are not so easily assembled. Many, especially those made from plywood require screws or special fasteners. Each piece in our outside nativity set easily slides in place with very simple to follow instructions. The nativity pieces lock into place and fit securely each time.

Outside Nativity Sets Ease of Storage

As mentioned, when selecting an outside nativity set you need to consider storing the set each year. One of the best features of our nativity set is the ease of storage. Our nativity scenes are silhouette style and each piece are flat. Since each piece is flat the pieces can be easily stacked on top on each other and stored flat to save space. Our outside nativity sets are shipped in a heavy cardboard box which can be used to store your set each year.

Storing Your Outside Nativity Set


These are a few of the things to look for when purchasing your outside nativity set. Many of these features were the basis behind why we started to manufacturer our outside nativity sets and outside nativity figures. We realized the market needed a nativity set made from a durable and easy to maintain material. The marine grade materials we use are the perfect solution to the maintenance and other problems associated with using plywood for nativity sets.

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Merry Christmas from Outdoor Nativity Sets

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas today from the Outdoor Nativity Sets Family. On a day like this, it is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! We hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday.

God Bless, Outdoor Nativity Sets


Holiday Window Decor

December 8, 2012

At Outdoor Nativity Sets, we realize that some of our customers may have limited yard space to display our traditional nativity scenes or holiday lawn decor. We have created a fun way to display the true meaning of Christmas, right from your windows!

Our flying angels, nativity scenes and upright angels are simple ways to display the reason for the season! You can purchase in bulk for multiple windows, Sunday School projects or just a fun project for your children. Each are made from the same 1/4″ thick marine grade plastic and make beautiful window displays:

And don’t forget how well our products take to basic art supplies! They are perfect for holiday DIY projects, indoor decor and kids love painting them.

Make sure you submit your photos! We would love to see how you incorporate our indoor decor in to your holiday decorations.

Have a wonderful day!

Outdoor Nativity Sets


Now that is is officially time to start putting out your Christmas Decor for Christmas, we want to see your photos! We love seeing how our customers display their Outdoor Nativity Sets all over the country. We have an online gallery full of different customer photos and testimonials for you to go through for some holiday inspiration!

Outdoor Nativity Sets Gallery & Testimonials

With your submission, we will feature your work on our facebook and twitter pages as well as our online gallery! In return, we’ll send you a complimentary Christmas ornament to display the true meaning of Christmas right on your family Christmas Tree. You can submit photos here!

We can’t wait to see you photos!

Outdoor Nativity Sets


One of the great things about our standard nativity set is that you can pair it with a wonderful collection of additional add on figures. When designing our nativity scene, we wanted to complete it with individual characters that played a significant roll in the birth of Jesus Christ. Each add on has a story that played a vital part in the Gospel of Luke, and we wanted to share them each with you this holiday season!

The Shepherd and sheep set that we offer as an additional add on to our standard nativity scene holds, as you already know, an important piece in the birth of Jesus Christ. On the evening in which Mary gave birth to Jesus, the shepherds were busy tending to their sheep in the fields of Bethlehem. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared to them and they became terrified. The angel said “…Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.”

The angel continued to tell them of Jesus, when suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared next to the angel, praising God and saying “…Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests.”

The Shepherds of the Nativity Story Luke 2:10-17

The shepherds gathered their belongings and set off to see the holy child who was lying in the manger. They hurried to the stable and found Mary, Joseph, and the baby. Upon arrival, they spread the word of the angel and great company who appeared to them in their fields to those who were at the stable to witness the new child. The shepherds worshipped the new baby Jesus before returning to their fields and sheep. Glorifying and praising God for everything they had witnessed on this great day.

It goes without saying, that the shepherds, who were visited by God’s angels and were told of the birth of Jesus, played a vital role in the Nativity Scene and birth of Jesus Christ. It was the shepherds that told Mary, Joseph and the others at the stable the message the angels had sent to them and the peace on Earth this child would bring. Our Shepherd and Sheep set are a perfect addition to your standard nativity scene, and we love seeing the story brought to life through our customer photos!

Shepherd Customer Photos


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Outdoor Nativity Sets

Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with loved ones, good food and memories. With the upcoming Christmas holiday season, it is so important to remember what we are most thankful for! We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

God Bless, Outdoor Nativity Sets


Happy Friday!

We’re excited to pass along our newest video to you today! The story of Outdoor Nativity Sets and how it got started is one we are very proud of, and we love having the opportunity to share it with our customers!

For more information, you can read all about our company on the About Us section of our website.
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One of the great things about our standard nativity set is that you can pair it with a wonderful collection of additional add on figures. When designing our nativity scene, we wanted to complete it with individual characters that played a significant roll in the birth of Jesus Christ. Each add on has a story that played a vital part in the Gospel of Luke, and we wanted to share them each with you this holiday season!

The nativity angels that Outdoor Nativity Sets offers as an additional add on to the standard nativity set holds, as you may well know, a key story in the birth of Christ. The angel Gabriel, in the Gospel of Luke, visited Mary to inform her that she would conceive and bear a child called Jesus. Confused on how this could possibly be since she is a virgin, Gabriel told Mary that the Holy Spirit would “…come upon her” and that “…nothing will be impossible with God.”  Gabriel also told Mary to not be afraid, that “He will be great, and will be called Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David.” (Luke 1:30-32)

Mary and her husband Joseph then traveled from Nazareth to Joseph’s ancestral home in Bethlehem to register and meet the enrollment requirements for the census of Quirinius. Because Bethlehem was filled with people, the inn was full and Mary and Joseph have been offered a stable to take shelter in. It is here where Mary gave birth to Jesus, and placed him in a manger to keep warm.

The significance of the angels arises once again. Shepherds on a far away hill were suddenly gazing upon a bright star. The angel of the Lord visited them with “…good news of great joy.” The angel told them they would find a child wrapped in bands of cloth lying in a manger. A heavenly host appeared next to the angel who says “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors.” The shepherds quickly hurry to the stable in Bethlehem to worship the child before they returned to their flocks.

Angels Visiting the Shepherds in the Field

We struggled with how many angels to add to our nativity set, as the Gospel of Luke only mentions Gabriel. We have had customers inquire about why we chose to pick two angels and it’s a two-part explanation. First, we loved the beautiful symmetry they both provided to the set. Secondly, we loved the idea of representing the great company of angels that rejoiced celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in front of the shepherds.

It goes without saying, that the angels, who represent the holy messengers delivering the word of Jesus being born, are a vital part of the story of Christ’s birth. Our set of angels are a perfect addition to your standard nativity set, and we love seeing the story brought to life through our customer photos!

Customer Photos of Angels

To view more details about our standard nativity set angels, please visit our webpage here. If you are looking for the large Nativity additional angel add ons, you can find them on our website as well, here.


Our miniature nativity set is perfect for indoor spaces and for customers who may not have a yard to display holiday decor. It’s great for under the Christmas Tree, Table Top, Windowsill, or even for a child’s bedroom.

Our indoor nativity set is composed of the same marine grade plastic as all of our outdoor holiday decorations and is designed to last for years to come. It’s a great way to start a family tradition of teaching children the story of the Nativity, arts and crafts projects as well as a classic Nativity display to add to your indoor holiday decor.

On a side note, we’d love to see photos of your indoor nativity scenes as well! You can submit your photo and we will send you a complimentary Christmas ornament.

Have a great day!

Outdoor Nativity Sets


Know someone you think would enjoy a Yard Nativity Scene? Want to surprise your friend or family with the add-on of their choice? A Gift Certificate is a great way to help start or create their perfect Nativity Set!

Any denomination over $25.00 is available over phone! This is great for a customer who wants to cover an exact portion of the nativity set plus shipping. Purchase a specific amount and an e-mail with the gift certificate code is sent automatically upon purchase. Complimentary hard copies of the certificate are available as well!

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